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Hi, I am Aditi

Founder of !nfinite Hacks

I'm presently working as a Security Engineer at ATLASSIAN and managing !nfinite Hacks.

I have worn multiple hats as a Hacker, Engineer, Educator, Techno-Sociologist, Security Researcher, Blogger, and Public Speaker.

Through !nfinite Hacks, my aim is to spread cyber-awareness and provide engaging, beginner-friendly, and curiosity-driven training and content.

I care about security, privacy, digital rights, design ethics, alternate education, and inclusiveness in tech.

Below is a year-wise storyboard of (events I remembered from) my last decade.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Fun Fact:
If 1 stands for 1st rank and 0 stands for 2nd rank, my ranks all through my academic years were 101010101010
I have always enjoyed learning and yes, I decoded the school education early on.  While the experience imparted me with a winning attitude, and a bunch of memorized facts, I strongly feel the need to refine educational institutions.  
Computers at first sight?
Let's begin the Story!
In high school, I was advised to pick Economics because "it's less demanding, will give you time to focus on PCM". I slept right through the very first class. On my way back, I heard students coming out of IT class. I instinctly stopped and asked, "so if you click a button how do you make something run?" I was very excited. Next day onwards I started bunking Economics and started attending IT instead.
Got my first Gold Medal in Informatics Practices - officially announcing my engagement with Computers for life!

Getting started

I always loved to teach, so I founded coaching institute, taught Physics & Math to 7 students
Just for the thrill of it, I cracked National Cyber Olympiad back in school
Entered DAIICT with a bang! 
I nailed my first sem with CPI reaching cloud high to 9.8

Getting started


The first project

Embedded Hardware Design

Got a crush on JAVA and ended up  getting a certification in core JAVA
To hone Start-Up skills I applied for NASSCOM Start-Up 20/20 Training @IIM-A and got selected!

All set for

HESCO, Dehradun

HESCO (1)-min.jpg
Volunteered for HESCO
Lived in the beautiful Himalayan valley for a month & provided all the technical help
I was awarded the Grace Hopper Scholarship and got connected with the community of inspiring people
Just to learn, explore and get hands-on experience, I started writing free code for startups. A LOT of it. (Damn, I could have been paid for it! Tch tch)

At Google

Student Ambassador Summit,


Got my first experience in cross-culture collaboration! I remember it was a fancy project, where I did full-stack development. The most thrilling task was to create a full live chat functionality from scratch much like Facebook Messenger
Was selected as Google Student Ambassador, amongst 177 GSAs across the country. The program taught me leadership and management skills. For over two years, I created and led communities. conducted learning sessions and events at mass level.
I wanted to learn ML, that too from some of the best profs in the world, so I applied for Winter School conducted by CMU at NIT-K.
The program got over 700 submissions, from 126 institutions and a total of 44 candidates from 30 institutions were selected - I was one of them. 
I remember making great friends, beach-side walks, and working on rigorous ML models enabling machines to "recognize" sounds like a door knock, animals, traffic, guitar, etc.
AFAIR, this was my first paid task during college. My role was to read code snippets and grade them on the basis of how efficient they are. Not one of the most interesting things to do, but it helped me in learning about n different ways of writing the same logic!
College life had been full of explorations, for over two years I had been part of every pop club including Debate, Drama, and Press. 2015 shifted my focus to code, code, and more code. I took up an IT major with all my favorite courses - AI, Crypto, Security, HCI, and Computer Networks
At Microsoft Internship
Got interviewed by Amazon, Google, Microsoft
I remember wearing formals, sitting all day waiting for the turn, and recognizing it is not one of the best experiences getting interviewed over and over.
Microsoft_logo (1)-min.jpg
Accepted internship offer by Microsoft!
I remember it was day time, I was pacing up towards the cafe from Library to grab that daily dose of tea, when I got a call from HR, telling me Microsoft has offered me an Internship! I remember jumping around, feeling the happiest at the moment!
Stepped into Open Source!
Made it to the list of 37 participants accepted for Outreachy across the globe
The culture has had a very strong influence on me. Post that I have created and open-sourced multiple projects of my own.

Conducting underground

SISCODE sessions



Been four years into engineering already, I sensed the gender gap in technology. On my own campus, I could observe instances of girls underestimating themselves, not feeling "technical" enough & being judged. I wanted to change that, so, I started SISCODE - a late-night hack club in girls hostel to talk about tech. We did sessions to build confidence and support community.
Offered Full Time Job at Microsoft
Worked with EFF.
Learning the causes that EFF stands for added an entirely new dimension to my life. Apart from my technical skills, I learned the core issues associated with privacy and digital rights. An experience that has hugely shaped what I am today.

On my office desk

Love for mentoring, sharing, and ideating led me to become Code Fun Do mentor for Microsoft Academia Accelerator program
Worked and worked. Getting a hang of how tech industry works.
I got promoted to Data Scientist by the end of first year.
SECMOL (1)-min.jpg
Explored Alternate Education System. Taught Computers. Science & Arts to kids who have been labeled failures by the conventional education system

At SECMOL, Ladakh

On lines of SISCODE, when I realized Microsoft has a program to uplift women in tech, my natural instinct prompted me to become CODESS mentor.
Started conducting learning sessions in some of the top universities of the country, starting from IIT Kanpur

Keynote at Mozilla

Internet Health Meetup

Been into the domain of data science for a while, I was prompted to switch my domain to Cybersecurity because I believe -
- It's one of the best domains to learn computers inside out.
- It's much needed in today's world.
Founded Digitised
Research on Techno-Sociology, Design Ethics, Digital Privacy & Rights
Been conducting numerous workshops and sessions to spread awareness on security, privacy, tech addictions and digital rights.
MOZILLA (1)-min.jpg
Was invited to deliver a Keynote on Internet Health at Mozilla Internet Health Hackathon @ IIIT-H
My first article was published on Hacker Noon, one of the biggest tech publications with over 3 million readers and 15k authors. Dozens have been published after that, and counting.
Speaker at ISEA International Conference on Security and Privacy 2020

At the start of this year

Presented research on "Android Privacy Posture" at Android Security Symposium
Presented Hacking into Android Ecosystem at Diana Initiative
Gave a training on Android Security for Microsoft Global Audience
Nominated for Hacker Noon Contributor of the Year. Hacker Noon published my interview.


Presented on Android Memory Forensics in Microsoft's Reverse Engineer Summit


Founded learning community - Unschool
Hacked nights long :) Won the "Future of Security" and "Popular Choice Awards" for two of the projects I contributed in
Image by Kane Reinholdtsen
My talk on "Whacky Hacks" on Android won the best talk award across Microsoft globally.
I was lucky enough to be gifted a Surface Duo! (the latest invention)
Started the Discord Community Infinite HackQuarters!

At the start of this year

Did a free workshop with over 200 participants on Ethical Hacking for Girl Script to promote women in tech
Volunteered as CFP Mentor @ Diana Initiative 2021
Certified Ethical Hacker v11
The course covered an amazing breadth of attack vectors.
Joined one of the coolest companies I know as Product Security Engineer
Presented on Userland Analysis of Android Rootkits at RSA Conference 2021